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Financial and Sales Department

This Department carries out financial and sales activity upon the already concluded contracts, provides delivery of goods issued by the Company within the prescribed time limits and in full measure.
Obligations of Department include the control over performance of a contractual obligation. Specialists guarantee promptness of shipment of manufactured goods by carrying out:
-      work on conclusion of contracts for goods supply, conformation of terms of delivery, observation of terms of delivery, nomenclature and completeness of set ready for realization.
-     choice of transport that is optimal in cost, time and is the most comfortable one for the Customer;
-     arrangement of plans and applications for railway and automobile transport (including outsize), controls its supply to the finished products storage area under the shipment (enterprise uses an electronic base for arrangement of plans as for railway and completion of dispatch railway documents);
-      completion of transport, accounting, pay documents and other accompanying notes for the cargo;
-      in case of export shipment – preparation of all necessary documents for customs registration; he also works directly with the customs broker and also concludes a contract with expedition companies in case of passing of the transport through the other countries.

During the whole period of Contract preparation the Financial and Sales Department officer keeps in touch with the Customer and consults him in all necessary aspects.

Current projects

Все проекты

Замена бункера 100м3 . Изготовлен и выполнен монтаж нового бункера.

Изготовление башенных конструкций вышек связи высотой  - 40, 50, 60, 70 метров.

Изготовление и поставка РВС 700 рулонным способом.

Замена резервуара объемом 2000м3 на комплексе перегрузки и переработки тропических масел. В порту Южный. Delta Wilmar Сингапур.


2000-2020 results

Rolled Tanks – 87,000 tons
Layer Installed Tanks – 82,000 tons
Steel Structures – 77,700 tons


Успешно пройден второй наблюдательный аудит ISO 9001-2015. Орган по сертификации TUV Thuringen Украина.

Команда руководителей завода успешно прошла тренинг по разработке стратегии развития бизнеса с компанией Роланд Бергер. Проект USAID ERA (USA).

Подписан меморандум о создании торгового представительства в Ираке в г. Басра с компанией Abdulraouf Chebaro Company.