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Gas Сutting

A modern technology of gas cutting allows performing figured cutting of sheet steel with a thickness up to 200 mm. The advantages of gas-oxygen cutting are evident in cases of necessity of cutting sheet metal, which thickness exceeds 100 mm. However, even with a smaller thickness of sheet metal gas cutting may be beneficial for several reasons:

  • cut edge remains vertical;
  • there is no hardening of the edges of the product;
  • cut width is not more than 2-2.5 mm.

Cutting thick metal (plates with thickness up to 200 mm)
At the moment, one of the most common types of metal cutting in construction and assembly works is the gas-oxygen cutting. Oxygen cutting applies the property of hot metal to burn intensely by feeding of pure oxygen stream. Oxides and liquid metal, came out of the gas-oxygen cutting process, are removed from a cut by oxygen, supplied from the nozzle of the torch under high pressure. Metals, subject to gas-oxygen cutting, shall meet the following conditions:

  •  melting point of the metal is higher than the combustion temperature of the metal in oxygen;
  •  low thermal conductivity of the metal;
  •  minimal content of carbon and dopants in the metal.

The following metals are NOT subject to gas-oxygen cutting: aluminum and aluminum alloys, cast iron, copper and high-alloy steels. These steels are cut by plasma cutting method.

Current projects

Все проекты

Замена бункера 100м3 . Изготовлен и выполнен монтаж нового бункера.

Изготовление башенных конструкций вышек связи высотой  - 40, 50, 60, 70 метров.

Изготовление и поставка РВС 700 рулонным способом.

Замена резервуара объемом 2000м3 на комплексе перегрузки и переработки тропических масел. В порту Южный. Delta Wilmar Сингапур.


2000-2020 results

Rolled Tanks – 87,000 tons
Layer Installed Tanks – 82,000 tons
Steel Structures – 77,700 tons


Успешно пройден второй наблюдательный аудит ISO 9001-2015. Орган по сертификации TUV Thuringen Украина.

Команда руководителей завода успешно прошла тренинг по разработке стратегии развития бизнеса с компанией Роланд Бергер. Проект USAID ERA (USA).

Подписан меморандум о создании торгового представительства в Ираке в г. Басра с компанией Abdulraouf Chebaro Company.