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Building Frames

The complex of supporting structures, taking in the gravity load of the building envelope (roof, wall panels, glazing casement, etc.), the atmospheric load (snow, wind), crane loads and in some cases loads from other process equipment, is called building frame.

The structural layout of the steel frame of a two-span production building is shown in the figure below:

The frame basis consists of cross frames (columns, rigidly clamped in the foundation and crossbars or trusses, rigidly or pivotally connected to the columns). The distance between frames is called frames step. In the longitudinal direction the frame supports crane girders, bearing elements of the coating and lamps.
Rigidity and stability of the frame and its individual elements is provided by the connections system: vertical links on the columns, taking in the longitudinal forces from the wind action towards the butt end of the building and the longitudinal cranes braking forces; horizontal and vertical links on the marquee of the building, providing structural stability of the coating.
The building envelope is secured to the frame elements. The coating structures are laid on the frame crossbars and lamps. The elements of wall frame - framework, which is also attached to the frames, are set to support walls, glazing casements and gates.


Успешно пройден второй наблюдательный аудит ISO 9001-2015. Орган по сертификации TUV Thuringen Украина.

Команда руководителей завода успешно прошла тренинг по разработке стратегии развития бизнеса с компанией Роланд Бергер. Проект USAID ERA (USA).

Подписан меморандум о создании торгового представительства в Ираке в г. Басра с компанией Abdulraouf Chebaro Company.

2000-2020 results

Rolled Tanks – 87,000 tons
Layer Installed Tanks – 82,000 tons
Steel Structures – 77,700 tons

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Замена бункера 100м3 . Изготовлен и выполнен монтаж нового бункера.

Изготовление башенных конструкций вышек связи высотой  - 40, 50, 60, 70 метров.

Изготовление и поставка РВС 700 рулонным способом.

Замена резервуара объемом 2000м3 на комплексе перегрузки и переработки тропических масел. В порту Южный. Delta Wilmar Сингапур.

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