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Plasma Arc Cutting

Air-plasma cutting of metal is the most effective and economical way of procurement cutting of metal up to 50 mm. This technology eliminates costly and highly explosive gas vessels (only air and electricity) and, thus, efficiently and quickly cuts any conductive metal, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Air-plasma cutting is an effective way of cutting low-alloy and alloy steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys. In terms of speed, plasma cutting excels gas-oxygen cuttung when working with metals of thickness up to 30 mm. Plasma cutting machines are high-speed and computer-controlled equipment. Semi-automatic (manual) plasma cutting is also extensively used. Currently there are plasma cutting machines, designed for currents from 30 to 400 A, providing a high-quality cutting in the thickness range of the cut metal from 2 to 100 mm.

The advantages of air plasma cutting
High-quality metal cutting is air-plasma cutting.

Nowadays the use of such technology as air-plasma cutting of metal in the production of metal structures (especially in building and machinery construction) is the most promising. Air-plasma cutting is a highly efficient process used in various industries for cutting ferrous and alloy metals. This type of metal cutting has high efficiency, precision and quality of cut.

Air-plasma cutting includes local melting of metal in the cutting zone and its blowing by a compressed air stream of the voltaic arc, which temperature reaches 15000-20000 ? C. Air-plasma cutting provides high concentration in the cutting zone, ensuring a small cutting width (by the workpiece width of 20 mm, the width of cut is not more than 2.5 mm). In addition, air-plasma cutting allows achieving good quality of edges (without scars and burrs) and no damage (even on sheet workpieces of small width). This makes possible to use efficient cutting schemes and to weld structures without machining.

Today, plasma cutting has become one of the most competitive methods of sheet material treatment due to the productivity, precision and easiness of rearranging under a specific configuration of a detail, the possibility to use it in those areas, in which the traditional approaches lead to considerable difficulties.

Plasma cutting of metal has advantages over other methods of cutting (oxygen, laser cutting and water cutting with an abrasive):

The advantages over oxygen cutting: higher speed, minimal material deformations due to thermal effects.
The advantages over laser cutting: lower cost, equal or higher cutting speed, rather high quality indicators.
Advantages over the method of water stream cutting with an abrasive: higher speed, lower cost, low level of environmental pollution.

Current projects

Все проекты

Замена бункера 100м3 . Изготовлен и выполнен монтаж нового бункера.

Изготовление башенных конструкций вышек связи высотой  - 40, 50, 60, 70 метров.

Изготовление и поставка РВС 700 рулонным способом.

Замена резервуара объемом 2000м3 на комплексе перегрузки и переработки тропических масел. В порту Южный. Delta Wilmar Сингапур.


2000-2020 results

Rolled Tanks – 87,000 tons
Layer Installed Tanks – 82,000 tons
Steel Structures – 77,700 tons


Успешно пройден второй наблюдательный аудит ISO 9001-2015. Орган по сертификации TUV Thuringen Украина.

Команда руководителей завода успешно прошла тренинг по разработке стратегии развития бизнеса с компанией Роланд Бергер. Проект USAID ERA (USA).

Подписан меморандум о создании торгового представительства в Ираке в г. Басра с компанией Abdulraouf Chebaro Company.