Azizi Terminal

Azizi Hotak Group Fuel Terminal, Afghanistan

6 tanks with capacity of 3000 m ?, diameter of 18 980 mm and height of 11 920 mm were produced by our plant. Rolling method of manufacturing was applied.
The order weight is 600 tons

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2000-2012 results

Rolled Tanks – 87,000 tons
Layer Installed Tanks – 82,000 tons
Steel Structures – 77,700 tons


As of today 1,200 tons of steel structures for the construction of new safe confinement of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant have been shipped. All terms on the contract are met, no reclamations.

The modernization of the gas-plasma facility, released in 2011, has been carried out for the purpose of expansion of production capacity.

Shipment of tanks to Kazakhstan has been completed. The contract has been executed on time and without reclamations from the customer.

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